Maintaining the Hustle

With DP Ashley Barron ACS, and 1st AC Cristina Cretu.


Wellbeing on set, and off-set

SOLAS MIND Sarah McCaffrey
BECTU Emily Collin
HOSTING Francesca Zerenghi

27 June 2022

WBTC TALK: Camera Operators

Camera Operators Lucy Bristow, Ilana Garard, Tanya Marar, Aga Szeliga, talk all things camera operating

17 July 2020

WBTC Talk: Directors and DPs

AC Ashlea Downes in conversation with cinematographer Reed Morano.

30 June 2020

WBTC Talk: Focusing On Focus

Rachel Clark in conversation with focus pullers Jessie Brough, Kate Mollins, Sarah Rollason and Maiya Rose.

26 June 2020

WBTC Talk: Stepping In And Stepping Up

Welcome to the first Women Behind The Camera Q & A! Today we have Ashlea Downes talking to Mahalia John, Chloe Harwood, Kat Spencer and Charlotte Croft.

19 June 2020